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Paul Bredenberg

My name is Paul Bredenberg, and I am a web developer/designer living in Raleigh, NC. I work with HTML, CSS, and WordPress to create cool websites!-- August 27, 2011 pbredenberg

Michael Wong

Mizko - Michael Wong is a Sydney based UI Web Designer, Front-end Developer, Aspiring Internet Marketer and a Twitter Addict!-- August 27, 2011 javascripts

Milan. (Work)

-- August 27, 2011

Christian Rodero

Professionista di internet come strumento e luogo della comunicazione moderna. Visual Designer, UX Designer, Web Designer per progetti di comunicazione on-line e off-line-- August 27, 2011 bassimaestro

Tim Carter

Tim Carter is a graphic designer, photographer, and art director. Tim Carter works in the Graphic Design industry focusing on print, webdesign, motion graphics, logo & branding, advertising, and photography. You can view his portfolio, blog, twitter, link-- August 20, 2011 tcrtr

In the Lost & Found

-- August 20, 2011

Ray Cheung

-- August 20, 2011 webappers

Scott Brown

-- August 20, 2011

Wouter de Bres

I am Wouter de Bres. I drink coffee and design interfaces at Bread & Pepper-- August 20, 2011 wdeb

Nicolas Linet

Je suis Nicolas Linet, web designer indépendant situé dans la région de Reims et d'Epernay. Je créé des sites web, des boutiques en ligne, des blog modernes et uniques-- August 20, 2011 NicoLinet

Found Colour

FoundColour.com is the online portfolio of graphic designer and frontend web developer and designer Patrick Kavanagh. FoundColour.com showcases the work of Patrick Kavanagh and also provides information about Patrick Kavanagh. Patrick Kavanagh is currentl-- August 20, 2011 papa_kilo

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